Make sure to have a great holidays and we will insure your home's safety

27.12.2018 17:51:50 / Published in БЛОГ

For all generations New Year and Christmas are the days of joy, excitement, trips and fellowship. Surely half of us will leave their homes to welcome the New Year's Day with friends and relatives or leave for a trip. Aha! But this means that half of the homes are empty and unwillingly will welcome people who would like to "permanently lend" the valuable things we keep in households.

Before there used to be the "rule" that the New Year should be welcomed at home, so that the next year we'll gravitate around the warmth of our home, today everyone wants to welcome NY anywhere but home, hoping that it is precisely by the analogy of this rule that through the whole year they will not be coming back from strolling around.

Whatever your choice may be for the festive days, we at Lion Ins advise you to protect yourself from unwanted spoilers of the festive mood with adequate home insurance. Another reason to insure your home is the increased seasonal fire risks caused by fire, heaters or overloaded electrical installations. In order to make this insurance product more accessible, Lion Ins has prepared a special offer and to use it you do not have to leave your home. Our agents who are already actively promoting this offer through the capital will provide your home insurance policy directly to your home.

It goes without saying that you should not even consider going on a journey without travel insurance, and if your trip includes adventure and skiing, you will also receive protection from sports injuries with a small surcharge.

Do not delay your home insurance and enjoy wonderful holidays.

Loads of love and joy in the New Year - the whole team of Lion Ins.