Sport - Partners - Friendship

08.04.2019 13:42:30 / Published in БЛОГ

Sports is certainly one of the most effective ways to ensure good physical and mental health. Thus, it happened naturally - the connection between our insurance company and the amateur athletic club Skobul, which has been developing and growing for two years. Our company helps with the appropriate insurance products and finances this sporty fairy tale that the members of AAK Skobul are living and running trough. They are joyfully taking part in the most important marathons and half marathons in the region and wider and constantly moving the boundaries of their limits. They are our mmodern Forest Gammpians who's love for running keeps them going and not to never stop looking for new challenges.

Together we "ran" in Amsterdam, Paris, Belgrade, Sofia, Ljubljana, and we will continue to their next destinations.
We also ran with our dear Blagoja Ackovski in the Republic of Serbia on his 20th half marathon, where he won the first place in his category.

Their last "action" was the traditional April race "Run to the finish line," and we wish them taht every passing through the finish liine opens new athletic horizons for them, on which Lion Ins will be their wind in the back.