(Safe) Winter Smiles

08.01.2020 14:30:58 / Published in БЛОГ

There are few more beautiful sights in the world than the sight of the rosey cheeks on each side of the wide smile of people, in an idyllic winter setting. That image can only be provoked by winter with its capacity to spread happiness and beauty. I'm sure that all of you who love winter have carved such a picture in your memory. But the collection of those memories needs to be expended, so seize every opportunity to climb a mountain and enjoy.

These days, when thousands of people head to one of the mountain resorts in the country and abroad, we've put together some friendly tips for you:

Do not hesitate to try something new. It's never too late to master a new skill, and that applies to any of the winter sports. Skiing, skating, snowboarding, anything. It will benefit both your body and spirit. Let this journey be unforgettable!

Enjoy evening walks along with daily activities. With or without children, alone or with a partner, mountain days are precious so make most of every moment and breathe in fresh air. Make night snow angels.

Who will make the most beautiful Snowman?  A little competition is never a bad thing. Use your creativity and challenge your friends to the Mister / Miss Snowman / Snowgirl competition.

A glass of wine by the fireplace. After "Denis and / or Masha" fall asleep, do not leave yourself without moments of enjoyment in an intimate, idyllic winter atmosphere. Of course, if you don't have such "luggage" with you, you can do it more often, and with more than one glass.

Don't forget the full winter equipment! In addition to winter clothing and snow activities equipment, do not forget the winter package for your vehicle (winter tires, antifreeze, green card, etc.). Remember, skiing tickets are usually cheaper if you buy them online. Little secret: if your choice is Bulgaria, buy your tickets at https://www.bulgariaski.com/ski-packages/index.shtml and you will surely save money. Lastly, do not forget travel health insurance that you can buy online at our website with a special surcharge for winter sports injuries.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and an unforgettable winter that will warm your heart!