Holiday Season!

11.05.2018 16:31:25 / Published in БЛОГ

Why home insurance?

The holiday season is peaking. The time of the year when most of us are preparing for the well deserved break from the "work and stress - all year round combo". Time of planning and organizing. Am I forgeting something? What if I miss something and hinder the complete relaxation of the chosen place gives me. Well, I admit, it is a bit charming transferring the blame from one to another for a forgotten trifle, that has such a "essential" meaning for our stay (charger, tablet, book, favorite shorts ...). Most often - we'll be fine without it.

But there are things that we shouldn't forget. And if we do, we will definitely have a problem enjoying a peaceful holiday. We have a holiday season, the burglars have a working season. Most of the burglaries take place in the summer months. 

Therefore, if you haven't done so by now, don't postpone it and buy a home insurance policy and protect yourself from the most common holiday party breaker - the burglar.