Breaking and entering, burglary

22.05.2018 17:54:14 / Published in БЛОГ

Apart from fire risks, you can protect your property from burglary and robbery. The subject of this insurance may be the equipment, machines and the stock of the legal entity, or in more detail:

movable items in buildings or premises, furniture and devices in offices, catering establishments, health institutions, institutions, boarding schools, etc.;
money, valuables, securities, tax and postage stamps and other valuables, collections, etc .;
supplies of goods, raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, auxiliary consumables and small inventory in:

- industrial and craft enterprises,
- catering and warehouses,
- trade shops;
- money and other values ​​while transporting or transporting;
- museums, exhibitions and public libraries.
The insurance covers the risk of execution or attempted burglary and robbery, as well as vandalism during the execution of the burglary.