Play, Calculate, Insure yourself!

26.06.2018 14:36:35 / Published in ПРОМОЦИИ , БЛОГ

Dear friends, We invite you to take part in our interactive friendship!
Each of you that fills the life insurance calculator and leave a valid e-mail address and phone number will receive a life insurance voucher worth € 100. Additionally, by filling in the calculator, you enter the combination of the weekly Telstar Top Replique Russia 2018 and the MAIN AWARD - Xiaomi Mi Max 2 - 4/64 GB mobile phone that will be awarded at the end of the World Cup in football.

The goal of our action is to offer you a new, personalized experience and to show you the benefits of purchasing a life insurance policy, as well as its importance. Lion Ins is the first company in Macedonia to enable its customers to calculate their insurance and savings needs, with a detailed explanation of the parameters by the life insurance expert.

Life insurance is not and should not be the result of a free judgment and an impulsive decision. That's why we created an Interactive Life Insurance Calculator for you, by which we adopt the best European insurance practices. Fill in the Calculator and send us the result via the contact form on the last step.